List of papers accepted for presentation in ICLA 2017

  1. Zeinab Bakhtiari, Hans van Ditmarsch and Helle Hvid Hansen
    Neighbourhood Contingency Bisimulation

  2. Arka Banerjee, Samir Karmakar, Soumya Ghosh and Sayantani Banerjee
    Grammar as Graph: A Lexicalist Treatment of Traditional Bangla Grammar

  3. Hans Kleine Buning, Piotr Wojciechowski and K. Subramani
    The Complexity of Finding Read-Once NAE-Resolution Refutations

  4. Jan van Eijck, Malvin Gattinger and Yanjing Wang
    Knowing Values and Public Inspection

  5. Corey Fisher, Moshe Vardi and Seth Fogarty
    Random Models for Evaluating Efficient Buchi Universality Checking

  6. Didier Galmiche, Pierre Kimmel and David Pym
    A Substructural Epistemic Resource Logic

  7. Herman Geuvers and Tonny Hurkens
    Deriving natural deduction rules from truth tables

  8. Arun Kumar and Mohua Banerjee
    A Semantic Analysis of Stone and dual Stone Negations with Regularity

  9. Hidenori Kurokawa and Hirohiko Kushida
    Linear Logic with S5 modality

  10. Yanjun Li and Yanjing Wang
    Achieving while maintaining: A logic of knowing how with intermediate constraints

  11. Minghui Ma and Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen
    Peirce's Sequent Proofs of Distributivity

  12. Jeff Paris and Alena Vencovska
    Ancient Indian Logic and Analogy

  13. Ignacio Ojea Quintana
    On Semantic Gamification

  14. Manidipa Sanyal
    Modality in the tradition of nyaya

  15. Abhishek Kr Singh
    Fully Mechanized Proofs of Dilworth's Theorem and Mirsky's Theorem

  16. Anand Pratap Singh and S. P. Tiwari
    On study of L-fuzzy transform

  17. Ramanathan S. Thinniyam
    Definability of Recursive Predicates in the Induced Subgraph Order

  18. Przemyslaw Andrzej Walega
    Computational Complexity of a Hybridized Horn Fragment of Halpern-Shoham Logic